Stainless Steel Kayak Trolley Cart


Adjustable width drain hole shafts and wide all terrain solid rubber wheels.

• Made of high-strength Robust stainless steel
• High-strength Airless tire design
• Quick assembly without tools
• Three-steps intelligent operations
• Fashionable and personalized design
• Loading Capacity: 250 lb



Made of high strength materials – Each cart is made of stainless steel and high-strength rubber. With the robust but simple high-strength construction, it can be used under most circumstances.
Solid tires – The tire design features a solid eva outer material, which never needs inflating or pressure checks. Five rigid spokes provide more strength, making it suitable for most kinds of terrain– including rough surfaces (like sand and gravel), wooded trails, and even stairs!
Easy operations – KT-100 has simple but practical design, which can be quickly assembled or disassembled without any tools within 30 seconds. It can also be easily carried without disassembly.
Fashion and useful design – Gray rubber gasket can fully protect the hull from metal knock against. With the fluid structure, the water inside of the cart can be discharged itself. Pinball design at the tire installation (Easy to install), and with the scale marked at the bottom, the hole spacing of kayaks can be accurately judged.
Three-steps – First, turn the kayak on its side. Then adjust proper hole spacing of the cart and push it into drainage holes of kayaks. (Ensure that the spacing of the kayak drainage holes is 2.6-17″). Finally slowly righted the kayak and have a Happy Kayaking.

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